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EM System >> EM Security Detection System  
EM Security Detection System

One, two or three Corridors

  • Gates are completely compatible with all EM library security systems
  • Gates detect all 3MTM and similarly compatible EM Security strips
  • Detection gates are made of acrylic glass, durable, elegant and versatile
  • This state-of-the-art anti-theft system exhibits extremely high detection rates
  • The system adopts double-frequency transmission and reception technology using computer chips to memorize and save data
  • The system's computer controller can work with up to four channels; multiple active channels work synchronously without interference
  • The system can detect strips as small as 30mm in length
  • The system includes a patron counter to complete your system
  • The width of the corridor can be from 800-1100mm, this distance is suitable for accommodation of the disabled and is compliant with fire codes
  • Corridors can be combined to form one, two or three paths and can be installed either on the floor or on pedestals
  • Purchase includes a one year warranty, extended warranty options are available.

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